Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I verify that the agency's negotiator is authorized to have me sign a mandate?

The sale mandate

Yes, the employee authorized by a real estate agent to negotiate or to commit himself on his behalf holds a certificate of employment, established by thereal estate agent. This employment certificate is approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (by the prefecture until July 1, 2015), which verifies beforehand that the negotiator meets the same conditions of honorability as a real estate agent.

The attestation is a white cardboard document, on which are indicated the powers entrusted to the negotiator, for example: to establish a mandate, a compromise, to receive funds...

Thereal estate agent's collaborator must present his or her authorization certificate upon request by any interested party.

Thereal estate agent 's collaborator who is thus authorized must indicate his or her name on the deed that he or she draws up.

Please note: asales agent working on behalf of a real estate agent has the power to issue mandates if thereal estate agent has authorized him/her to do so. However, the regulations prohibit him from giving legal advice, drawing up any other contract, such as a compromise, or receiving funds.